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These majestic articulating Dragons are 3D-printed fidget toys that will bring enjoyment to kids and adults alike.  Our dragons make a great gift for people of all ages. Great for stocking stuffers and additions to any space. The head, body, and legs of each dragon articulate to move and shine in any orientation!

These mesmerizing 3D-printed  Dragons are made from eco-friendly, biodegradable materials. Our dragons are perfect for stress relief, fidgeting, and improving the look of any desk or room! ach section of the dragon is movable and can be articulated upwards to stand upright

If you select, rainbow, dual, or tri-color options, the appearance of the final product may vary. We do our best to match the colour changes shown in the images but smaller parts may not use enough material to get the full colour change effects. The images in the listing are for the standard 26-inch version

As with all 3D printed parts, there may be some slight imperfections and layer lines; this is completely normal for 3D printed parts. Thin features can be fragile at times.

This item is not recommended for small children. Some items can become a choking hazard and have pointy or sharp edges. CAZ 3Designs takes no responsibility for the misuse of our products.

Designed by Design by Flexi Factory
CAZ 3Desings is an official authorized reseller.

Articulating Flexi Standing Dragon - Flexi Fidgets

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