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Bambu Lab A1 Mini, is a great, easy-to-use printer for the first time user to the most experienced. The easy setup and calibration make this printer a pleasure to use day in and day out.

Currently taking pre-orders

Bambu Lab A1 Mini 3D Printer

C$389.00 Regular Price
C$249.00Sale Price
Mid June
  • Product Features

    • Full-auto Calibration.
    • 4-Color Printing with AMS lite.
    • Under 48 dB Low Noise in Silent Mode.
    • Full-metal Linear Rails and Bearings.
    • Vibration and Flow Rate Compensation.
  • 1.What's the difference between AMS and AMS lite? Does the AMS lite work with any Bambu printer or even other (brand) printers?

    A: AMS is enclosed and the AMS lite is non-enclosed.
    AMS is incompatible with the A1 mini. If you want a multi-color print using A1 mini, you must use the AMS lite.
    AMS lite is incompatible with the X1 or P1 printer and other (brand) printers. If you want a multi-color print using an X1 or P1 printer, you must use AMS. For more details, please check here.


    2.What materials can the A1 mini print?

    A: The A1 mini can print most of the materials on the market that don't require an enclosure, such as PLA, PETG, TPU, and their support filament. It is not recommended to print filaments such as ABS, ASA, PC, PA,and PET that require higher bed and chamber temperatures.


    3. What is the maximum print size of the A1 mini?

    A: 180 * 180 *180 mm. 


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