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Bambu PLA-CF

Bambu PLA-CF is carbon fiber reinforced PLA with improved stiffness and strength. PLA-CF is easy to print and beginner-friendly like regular PLA. It is AMS compatible with low clogging risk at high-speed printing. The prints are in matte finish with almost invisible layer lines, which make it suitable for printing general engineering parts or models requiring a better appearance, like bike frames, brackets and toys.


Carbon fiber texture & Minimized layer lines

The addition of carbon fiber gives prints a unique matte finish and effectively hides layer lines, providing a smooth, premium look.


Improved mechanical properties

Bambu PLA-CF exceeds the mechanical properties of PLA Matte in XY Bending Strength, Z Bending Strength, XY Bending Modulus, Z Bending Modulus, XY Impact Strength, and Z Impact Strength by between 20% and 115%, making it more suitable for printing models with higher strength requirements.


Stabilized printing dimension

Bambu PLA-CF features low shrinkage and warping resistance to achieve perfect matching accuracy between printed parts.


Minimal effort in support removal

Bambu PLA-CF is designed to support itself. It can be removed more easily compared to regular PLA, and still maintains a smooth support surface.


Not prone to clogging in high-speed printing

Bambu PLA-CF is just as easy to print as regular PLA. It can be printed smoothly and consistently at high speed without clogging.

Bambu Lab PLA-CF - Matcha Green (14500)

    • Carbon Fiber Texture & Minimized Layer Lines
    • Improved Mechanical Properties
    • Stablized Printing Dimension
    • Comes with Basic Reusable Spool
    • Diameter: 1.75mm +/- 0.03mm
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