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A quality 3D printing filament made in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic.

Our ABS "Not Dead" Edition is a high quality ABS filament with temperature stability up to the 85°C (once printed) and an improved impact resistance. It is an acetone-soluble polymer, and therefore can be acetone welded or vapor smoothed. ABS "Not Dead" can be printed without an enclosed chamber.

Heigh wear and impact resistance

Filament PM ABS- Black - 1.75mm

Colour: Black
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    • Similar to ABS
    • Perfect for outside use
    • UV stable, high water and impact resistant
    • High impact and wear resistance
    • Easy postprocessing (it’s possible to sand the prints using wet or dry sanding methods, smooth them out with acetone vapors, and glue them together with acetone)
    • Ideal for prototyping, outside use as well as the automotive and engineering industries


    • Diameter: 1.75mm Weight: 0.75kg/spool
    • Dimensional accuracy: ±0.03 mm
    • Vacuum-sealed with desiccant in resealable bags 
    • Recommended print temperature: 240 to 260 °C 
    • Recommended bed temperature: 100 to 110 °C 
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