MarbleJet. PLA that contains a mixture of special additives that make your models look like stone/marble.

A quality 3D printing filament made in the heart of Europe in the Czech Republic.

PLA is the most popular 3D printing material at home, schools, and libraries. It's easy to print, does not shrink, it's cheap, and it's available in a wide range of colors! It's the go to filament for most people, most of the time.

Filament PM Premium PLA - Marble Jet Dark - 1.75mm, 0.5kg

SKU: F_PM_MJ_DK_500_175
Colour: Marble Dark
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    • Diameter: 1.75mm Weight: 1 kg/spool 
    • Dimensional accuracy: ±0.03 mm
    • Vacuum-sealed with desiccant in resealable bags 
    • Recommended print temperature: 200 to 220 °CRecommended bed temperature: 0 to 60 °C