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The Bambu Lab Liquid Glue is an adhesive specially developed for 3D printing, suitable for printing materials such as PLA, ABS, and PETG on appropriate surfaces, including the Cool Plate, High-Temperature Plate, and Textured PEI Plate. When using Bambu Lab Liquid Glue, constant adhesion is maintained without worrying about models falling off or warping.


Liquid Glue for Build Plate

    • Excellent adhesion: avoid printing failures by ensuring that the models adhere perfectly to the print surface. Bambu Lab Liquid Glue also makes it easier to remove prints from the plate when finished.
    • The Bambu Lab Liquid Glue can be cleaned easily from the print surface and from models. Compared with glue stick, liquid glue for build plate will leave less residue on the printed model and is easier to clean up.
    • Compared with glue stick, Bambu Lab Liquid Glue is easier to apply uniformly over the build surface
    • The ingredients are environmentally friendly and harmless to the human body, with lower odor compared to other glues
  • Material Hotbed Temperature
    PLA 40~60°C
    ABS 90~100°C
    PETG 60~80°C
    PET 80~100°C
    TPU 30~45°C
    ASA 90~100°C
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