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ABS filament resists higher temperatures and offers great machinability, flexibility and strength, making it the preferred choice of engineers and professionals. ABS plastic can be vapor smoothed, dissolved, or welded in 434 Acetone, making post-processing easy.

MG Chemicals premium 3D printing filaments are manufactured under strict quality control to ensure consistency. Our spools have a large hub to ensure uniform winding, and cut-outs on the sides so the user can easily see how much filament is left.

MG Chemicals 1 KG ABS - Brown - 1.75mm

Colour: Brown
Out of Stock
    • Diameter: 1.75MM Weight: 1 kg/spool
    • Dimensional accuracy: ±0.03 mm
    • Vacuum-sealed with desiccant in resealable bags
    • Recommended print temperature: 230 to 250 °C (446 to 464 °F)
    • Recommended bed temperature: 80 to 115 °C (176 to 239 °F)
    • Spool diameter: 7¾”; Spool width: 2½”; Hub diameter: 3½”; Hub hole diameter: 2⅛”
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